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Connecting Ugandan Students to Leading Global Universities

Our inaugural Education Fair will take place on Thursday February 29th and Friday March 1st 2024 at Golf Course Hotel in Kampala.

This will be the first edition of our Education Fair that will be held annually. The event is expected to attract over 500 participants including Students, parents and educators who will participate as exhibitors to showcase their programme offerings.

Day Two of the Fair (Friday March 1st) will be held at Rainbow International School.

Sponsors & Partners

Why Participate?

Sharz Borderless Study Consults is one of Uganda’s leading Education Placement agencies and has a wide array of partnerships with schools, colleges, universities and education partners from across the world.

This Fair is all about celebrating and leveraging these partnerships. We’ve invited most of these universities and service providers to come meet with students directly, here in Kampala.

Participating in this event will give you year-long visibility and a share of the over 20million impressions that will be generated about the event.

Exhibiting Universities & Other Institutions

A Borderless Fair

The Universities and Colleges listed below are spread across three continents — Europe, North America and Asia. But through partners such as ApplyBoard, StudyGroup and others, we facilitate student enrolment anywhere around the globe.

Working with local partners, we’re making the proverbial “global village” a reality.

We’re particularly excited to see the experiences the business partners such as MTN Pulse and NBS will create for participants at the Fair — something that we believe will make this a Fair like no other.